It's a sale!

TpT is throwing a sale and of course I’m participating.

May 9-10, use the code thankyou17 and you can get an additional discount on the products sellers have already discounted!

Just a reminder: 20% off is good, but 28% is better. Don’t be like me and forget to input the sale code before you check out. It’s a horrible feeling to realize right after you pressed the button that the website does NOT input the code automatically like the TpT app does. (Obviously, I forgot it during the last sale. It was a face palm moment. I still can’t believe I did that…but don’t worry, the bright side is I won’t forget to use it this time!)

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My whole store is on sale, including the brand new Spanish rhyming mats that I uploaded today. There are 15 rhyming mats in color and black and white, for a total of 30 mats! Use them in therapy as well as send them home as homework! No prep!

Speaking of buying resources, have you seen the latest I uploaded in my store? Spanish Ryming Mats! They come in both color and black and white and are a great no prep therapy activity, center, or homework. There are three types of rhyming mats included in the download - finding the rhyme, finishing the rhyme, and connecting the rhymes.

Some other resources that I’m eyeing this sale are:

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Super Strategies for Word Retrieval by Figuratively Speeching SLP

I love that it’s all about word retrieval! I frequently need activities for antonyms, synonyms, associations, and describing! Check it out here:

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Social Language Interactive Books Bundle by Smartmouth SLP

Interactive books. Bundle. Need I say more? In case you need more swaying than I do, I should mention the part I like the best - a self-assessment for each book! I don’t know about you, but my students frequently need help sitting quietly, listening, and most of all staying in their own space bubble! Check it out here:

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Articultion Workbook Early Developing Sounds by Dean Trout’s Little Shop of SLP

Okay, if you haven’t checked out Dean Trout’s stuff before, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! She has some amazing articulation products. This one is on my list because I love the self-assessment and reinforcement on each page. Draw a thumbs up or thumbs down? Finish drawing the face (happy or sad) based on how you make your sounds? Yes please! Check it out here:

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And at the top of my list is No Prep Emotions and Body Language Cues Level 2 by Communication Blessings!

I love how she compares and contrasts two similar emotions, such as grumpy and angry, embarrassed and shy, and happy surprised and scared surprised! I haven’t seen that much in activities, typically I find only the basic emotions. I also like that she talks about body language, as many emotions packets focus on facial cues. Check out her packet here:

Those are my top choices for now. What are you looking to grab during the sale?