Sticker Fun for Therapy

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A while ago, I posted about some great sticker books I found at Michaels. I used the face stickers to talk about body parts (great for preschoolers) and expand verbal language.

Being that the stickers had different expressions, they work great for social skills, too. Have students create expressions and talk about the feelings the person (or monster, in my case) must be feeling using the facial cues.

I chose to go with monsters because of the funny colors of my stickers…we don’t really have green noses, or purple eyelids, so monsters it is! You can also flush out your monster a bit with crayons/markers after you have the main parts of the face. I used index cards, which were the perfect size for a monster. If you have time and feel the urge, you can also add on arms, legs, and hair.

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On the back of the card, have the student write in different clues as to why they know the monster is feeling the emotion, and give some reasons why they might be feeling that way.

It’s simple, quick, and cheap!