Michaels Finds

One of my biggest weaknesses (which I’ve surely mentioned before) is the dollar section. Any store - Target, Joann’s, Michaels… my husband just sighs as I slow to a stop.

I can’t help myself. A couple of days ago, I found some gems at Michaels. From stickers to wiggly-eyed rings, I couldn’t grab enough! Well, maybe I should be a little more clear - not everything was $1 - but if it goes into my prize box, it has to break down into a reasonable amount (under a dollar per “prize”).

<img src=’/img/blog/michaelsrings-186.jpg’ class=‘thumbnail previewable’style=‘float:left;’/>

The first item that caught my eyes was a bag of awesome wiggly-eyed rings! Anything with wiggly-eyes are a hit with my students, so I grabbed a bag or two. Maybe I’ll come up with a way to use them in therapy, but for the moment, they’re a great addition to my dwindling prize box.

I also found a big container of erasers I think are supposed to be Valentine themed, but are forest-y, too. A few bucks for 60? Sure! I can give them as sets of four or five in my treasure box, or use them as tokens during different games and activities!

<img src=’/img/blog/michaelserasers.jpg’ class=‘thumbnail previewable’style=‘float:right;’/>

Michaels usually has a large selection of stickers, and Friday was no exception! I found pads upon pads of different types of stickers. With so many to choose from, I had to reign myself in. I’m a preschool SLP, stickers are mandatory. I stopped myself after five different pads. I decided on the ones I bought by flipping through the stickers to see if I could easily use them in therapy throughout the year.

<img src=’/img/blog/stickers.jpg’ class=‘thumbnail previewable’style=‘float:left;’/>

Do you use stickers in therapy? I find them to be a very useful therapy tool. Stickers come in handy as incentives on a sticker chart, treasure box reward, or simple craftivity for therapy. Check back in a couple of days to see what I planned to do with my “Making Faces” sticker books.