Looking Back and Forward

Since most of us are not back to work/school yet, New Years Eve/Day for many is a time of reflection over the past year and how the future will hopefully play out. Here’s a quick look at my ruminations:

Looking back on 2013:
The highlight of my year: Becoming a mom! <img src=’/img/blog/newyears2-186.jpg’ class=‘thumbnail previewable’style=‘float:left;’/>

The hard part of my year: Surviving on little sleep, switching jobs and leaving my amazing baby to work.

What I could have done better: Spent more time with my online interests (blogging, material making, etc.) when my daughter was young enough to sleep most of the day.

Looking forward to 2014:
<img src=’/img/blog/newyears-186.jpg’ class=‘thumbnail previewable’style=‘float:right;’/> What I’m most excited for: Planning my daughter’s first birthday - the creative in me is exploding with ideas!

What I want to do more of: Balance my time better between being mommy, slp, wife, and me.

Resolutions: Be happy. Be present. Make more time to blog.

That’s a quick sum up for last year and the coming year. Believe me, I could go more in depth, but who wants to read all of that? I realize I took a long break to get back to my website this past year, and I’m hoping to not fall into that pit again - time management, here I come! Plus, I’m hoping to set aside more time to blog than I have in the past.

What about you? Any resolutions or life alterations you’re hoping to achieve in the next year?