Great Finds!

Do you have those stores you just can’t walk past without taking a quick glance? I mean, all in the name of finding new therapy ideas, right? It’s not like it’s for more stuff that you “don’t need.”

I have to confess that I can’t walk past Ross. It’s a great place to find great materials at low prices. And the best part is that with the quick rotation of items, I have variety in what I find.

On my last excursion to Ross, I stumbled across two great finds: Match It! Opposites Puzzle and Match It! Rhyming Puzzle. My students always need practice with rhyming. (And as an early intervention and preschool SLP, how could I pass up opposites?)

Even my elementary students enjoyed the puzzles.

Never seen the Match It! puzzles? It’s a set of two (or three with the Who Am I puzzle) puzzle pieces that match. Students decide on their answer and then can check if they are correct or not by attempting to put the pieces together. If they fit, it’s a match!

I’ve seen the Match It! Who Am I and Match It! Picture Word Bingo games in my previous districts. They’re great for vocabulary expansion or teaching occupations, and are almost a never-fail for quick reinforcement during therapy targeting other goals.