Box Monster Craft

Box monsters are a pretty easy craft, and lend themselves to personal creativity. Following directions, basic concepts, and even actions are language targets that connect with this activity.

To make a box monster, you will need: -scissors -glue -an empty tissue box -paint and paintbrush (or colored paper) -white paper

Optional items: -googly eyes -ribbon -pipe cleaners

Start by cutting the clear plastic from the tissue box (if it has some). Then, either paint or glue paper on the outside of the box.

Once the paint has dried, cut the white paper into triangles for teeth. Glue the teeth along the inner edges of the box(where you would grab the tissues).

Decorate the box as you see fit…

Colored paper: Cut out different shapes in all sizes. This is perfect for talking about colors, shapes, and big/little (and even medium).

Googly eyes: Monsters can have 1, 2, 3… even 100 eyes! This is a great time to talk about more/less, some, lots, etc. If you have multiple sizes of eyes, big/little/medium are good concepts to utilize.

Pipe cleaners: Eyes can stick out from a monster’s body or be against the box. Also, pipe cleaners can be spikes or create arms for a monster. This is a good time to talk about long/short/medium and numbers. Like eyes, monsters can have one or many arms.

Ribbon: Some monsters have hair! Concepts such as straight and curly can be addressed by curling some strands, as well as long/short by where you cut the ribbon.

After the paint and glue has dried, the box(es) are ready for speech fun!

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