Winter Mitten Articulation Craftivity

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SKU: M-winter-mitten-articulation-craftivity

Articulation drills don't have to be boring! This easy craft is perfect for winter articulation practice and works great for homework as well. Students can create a mitten "bag" to hold their articulation cards, or for preschoolers, they can simply glue the articulation cards to the mittens. Students will love showing off their articulation cards that they can carry around with this craft. What's included: • two mitten templates for flat mitten - one plain and one with snowflakes • template to make 3D mitten bag • black and white articulation cards for 22 phonemes including vocalic r Targeted phonemes: • s, l, and blends • prevocalic r, vocalic r, and blends • /z/ • /ch/ • /sh/ • /v/ • /f/ • /g/ • /k/ • /d/ • /t/ • /b/ • /p/ • /m/ • /n/ All targeted words come with pictures to aid with reading ability.

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