Winter Language Comprehension Packet

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Short stories are a great way to engage students while working on receptive language. Story comprehension and a snowball fight make this winter themed download a must have for your classroom. Use these stories and questions with the provided Snowman Fight! game to motivate students!

If you have Spanish-speaking students, don't miss the Bilingual Bundle for Winter Language Comprehension! SAVE money and get it in both English and Spanish at a discount!

Interested in a Spanish version? Check it out here!

What's included:

Deck 1: Includes 5 stories and "wh" questions regarding the story. Each story is printed on a large card, with what, when, where, who, why, and how cards that each contain 4 questions per story.

These cards can be modified for shorter story comprehension as the 'wh' questions target the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

Deck 2: Includes 5 stories that target context clues, yes/no questions, and vocabulary. Each story provides is printed on a large card and contains a winter scenario. Students use context clues to answer comprehension questions about the story and understand new vocabulary. Two 'wh' questions for context clues, two yes/no questions, and two vocabulary questions pertain to each story.

Deck 3: Includes 8 stories to work on predicting and inferencing skills. Each story is printed on a large card and contains a basic winter scenario. Three smaller cards contain questions that require students to predict what will happen, and three cards require students to make inferences regarding the story.

Game: Snowman Fight!

Help your snow friends win a snowball fight...this optional game can be used with any one of the Language Comprehension decks to motivate students. It includes: directions, game board, penalty snowball cards, movement cards, and five snowmen/women for optional player pieces. (Game can also be modified for any language target)



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