Winter Grammar Activities for Speech Therapy

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Syntax can be fun with this low prep packet! Have no time to prep? Print and slide it into a page protector and you have an instant grammar worksheet! Students can write answers with dry erase markers.

Snow graphics aren’t too cutesy for upper grades, and keep these activities relevant long after Christmas has passed. Target regular and irregular plurals, is vs. are, was and were, pronouns, possessives, and regular and irregular past tense throughout the whole season.

What’s included:

•Irregular Plurals: Students choose the best sentence from a group of three. 18 cards are included in this packet.

•Regular Plurals: Students choose the correct regular plural to complete a sentence. 18 cards are aimed at this skill.

•Is/Are: Students complete the sentences with either “is” or “are.” 24 cards address this skill.

•Was/Were: Students sort correct and incorrect sentences into two piles. A sorting mat is provided for this activity. 24 cards in this activity.

•Pronouns: Students decide which pronoun best fits in the sentence. 24 cards are included in this packet.

•Regular Past Tense: Students decide if the sentence is correct or incorrect. This can be used with a sorting mat, if desired. 24 cards in this activity.

•Irregular Past Tense: Students identify which sentence on the card is correct. There are three sentences per card. 24 cards are aimed at this skill.

•Possessives: Students fill in the blank with the correct possessive. Cards are designed with multiple choice. 18 cards are included in the packet.

•Reinforcement Game: Designed to be used with any skill, this game is a great reinforcer for each deck from this packet. Have fun catching snowflakes, but be careful that they don’t melt in the sun!

→Download the preview to see examples of the cards for each set!

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