Valentines Personal and Possessive Pronouns

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Target pronouns in an engaging way with February. These card decks are great for both possessives and personal pronouns with a fun Valentine's Day theme. Two children contrast their items to work on he, she, and they as well as him, her, and their. What's included: Deck 1 - Personal Pronouns - 27 cards Explore the world of pronouns (he, she, and they) using these cards. Print, cut, and laminate. Then, either use verbally or have students write on cards with dry erase markers in therapy. Students identify the pronoun for the picture and complete the sentence. Deck 2 - Possessive Pronouns - 27 cards A twist on the previous deck, these cards focus on possessive pronouns (his, her, their). Use the pictures to identify who has the stated item. Again, print, cut, and laminate. These cards can then be used for verbal responses or students can write the answers on the cards with dry erase markers.

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