Valentines Multiple Meaning Words and Craftivity

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Bring the fun of Valentine's Day into your speech room with these multiple meaning words activities. Tuck these words into the simple envelope craft for an easy game to keep students engaged while learning multiple meanings.

What's included:

  • Flashcards that are split into three levels. Level 1 has the 32 most basic multiple meaning words. Level 2 is more advanced and has 34 multiple meaning words. Level 3 has the hardest 32 multiple meaning words in the set.
  • Also included is a master list of all the words used for quick reference.
  • Additional blank cards are provided to add any words you need for customization of the activity/game.
  • Broken hearted frog cards are included to turn the activity into a game.
  • Two envelope templates (large and small) to store the cards and/or create a game.
  • Froggy Love game: Place the target cards into the envelope, along with the broken hearted cards. Students take turns drawing a card from the envelope. If they can give at least two meanings of the target word, they get the keep the card. If they can't, another player can steal the card. The broken hearted frogs mean the player loses a turn for this round. The goal of the game is to end up with the most cards.

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