Valentine Themed Regular and Irregular Verbs and Sentences

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SKU: MA-valentine-traivas

If your students struggle with regular and irregular past tense, this resource is for you! Easily target both regular and irregular verbs with a fun Valentine's Day theme. Use the verb cards or the sentence cards to better suit your students' needs.

What's included:

  • 2 regular past tense decks
  • 2 irregular past tense decks
  • Sorting mat
  • Open-ended game board
  • Candy Boxes Game

At the word level, the student/clinician reads the word and the student gives the correct past tense form. At the sentence level, the student/clinician reads the sentence, and then changes it to be about yesterday (e.g. "Today I stop the car. Yesterday...I stopped the car.")

There are 36 cards in each sentence level deck. The same 36 words are targeted in the word level decks, along with an additional 27 words for more practice.

Games are given to target sorting of the verbs into regular and irregular categories, collecting candy hearts into your "boxes," and an open-ended game board that can be used with any language goal. (Player pieces are not included.)

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