There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves Speech and Language Activities

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There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves is a great book for Speech and Language! This book companion pairs great with the book for many language and articulation goals. From colors to sequencing, to rhyming and writing prompts, this huge book companion is perfect for your varied speech and language caseload! Even articulation students can be included - perfect to add to your fall unit.

This book companion is designed for use with There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves by Lucille Colandro. (I am not affiliated with the author. Book sold separately.) Containing activities to target 11 different language goals, this packet also includes open-ended activities to use with any articulation or language goal! It is also print-friendly, with black and white versions of most of the activities.

What's included

Feed the Old lady

Have students feed the item cards to the lady as they retell the story. Use with the story retell cards.

Story Retell Mat Color & Black and White

Students number the items in the order in which the old lady swallowed them to tell the story. Send the black and white version home for students to do, or have them color in the pictures as they retell the story.

Rhyming cards

Students match the cards that rhyme. Use with the rhyming mat to expand sentences and to have students create their own rhyme.

Rhyming Mat

Use the rhyming mat with the rhyming cards. Have students create another rhyming word (real or made up) to match the two rhyming words. Alternately, give students any word and have them complete the mat. Use with dry erase markers.

Identify the Initial Sound

Use as a smash mat, dot page, or with a pen or token to cover the correct answer. Students identify the first sound they hear in the word.


Play as a matching, memory, or Go Fish game. Match the definition to the vocabulary word.

My granny wants to eat... book

Work on vocabulary by having students identify what item their granny is eating while they glue it to the book. Color.

Colors activities

Students mark the correct item on page 30, and color the items to match the sentence on page 31.

Prepositions cards

Students circle or point to the correct leaf on each card.

Comprehension questions without cue

Students answer the question on the card in regards to the story. Some questions have to do with the pictures in the book.

Comprehension questions with visual cue

Students choose the answer out of the two possible on the card. Some questions have to do with the pictures in the book.

Yes/No questions

Students choose yes or no based on the book.

Writing prompts

Students draw a picture and/or write about the given topic.


Students match the singular with the plural.


Students verbally complete or use a dry erase marker to fill out the venn diagram to explain how two items are the same and different. A blank one is provided to create your own.

Build a scarecrow worksheet

Create a spinner with a pencil and a paperclip. Wherever the spinner stops is what the student can draw on the page. Before the student can draw, though, they have to say their sound the number of times listed on the spinner.

Feed Me Leaves, Please open reinforcement game

Each player needs a mat. Three ways to play: 1) Therapist can write stimulus items on each leaf and students have to answer before keeping the leaf. 2) Use with any goal stimuli and a die. After completing the stimulus, students roll the die and see how many leaves they can keep. The winner has the most leaves. 3) A combination of the two - after completing a stimulus, students recieve one leaf on their mat.

Catching leaves Articulation reinforcement game

Have students color, dot, smash play dough, etc. to cover each leaf as they say their correct sound. 100 leaves are present to encourage 100 trials.

Catching Leaves open Language game

Use with any stimulus item you have. Have students color, dot, smash play dough, etc. to cover each leaf as they complete any stimulus item.

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