There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow Book Companion

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Winter speech therapy can be fun and engaging with this There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow book companion. This cold lady has some wintertime fun in store for both articulation and language. What's included: •Tissue Box Cold Lady - A cold lady and a step-by-step tutorial on how to make her out of a tissue box is included, as well as story cards. Perfect for sequencing the story as a group. •Paper Bag Cold Lady - A smaller version of the cold lady to use on a paper bag instead of a tissue box - works great for vocabulary, sequencing, and following directions. Students can take this version home to practice story retell. (Colored and black and white versions included.) •Story Retell Pages (leveled) - Work on sequencing the story and vocabulary. Three pages are included to aid various ability levels. •Rhyming Words Activities - Three worksheets to talk about rhyming. These use the book as a cue - these are not picture-based and require adult help or a student who can read. •Past Tense Words - Two worksheets to target past tense skills using vocabulary from the book. •What Does a Snowman Need? worksheet - Great for targeting categories and associations. •Build your own snowman - A describing activity that can be used receptively or expressively. This can be used as a group project or as a project to send home. Students can practice giving or following directions, talk about basic concepts (big/medium/little, comparatives/superlatives, colors), and describing vocabulary. This activity comes in color and black and white. •Basic Concepts cards - A deck of 15 cards to target basic concepts that can be found in the book. •Articulation Identification Activity - An activity for articulation students while reading the book. Fill in the speech sound before starting the story. Students identify words that contain their sounds in the book, write them on cards (multi-use if laminated), and feed them to the cold lady. •Articulation Sorting - Students write down words from the story that contain their sound. Afterward, students sort the words into initial, medial, and final positions. •“Swallow My Sound” Game - A game created for articulation students to practice their speech sounds. Students pick a card and repeat the target word the number of times specified on the card before moving. A modified game is included to use with language students as a motivator.

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