The Shark Was Swimming Ocean Animal Unit Vocabulary Activities for Preschool

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The ocean comes alive in your speech room with these 12 No Prep and Low Prep activities! Perfect to hold your young students' attention, there are activities to learn ocean vocabulary as well as other common language skills for young learners.

This is a packet of 12 ocean unit receptive and expressive language activities - 6 are no prep! Created as part of an ocean animal unit for special education, these activities focus on ocean animals as vocabulary and use the animals to build additional skills, such as same and different or big and small.

These activities pair great with my The Shark Was Swimming Preschool Vocabulary Book, but can be used alone or with any ocean unit. These activities can be used in centers, individual therapy, or in a group circle type setting.

These activities are either multi-leveled or can easily be adjusted for higher or lower functioning students.

The activities included in this packet are:

• Story manipulatives to use with The Shark Was Swimming book, ocean scene, and/or to create a separate matching activity such as memory.

• Vocabulary shark activity to practice vocabulary and colors.

• Is it in the Ocean? smash mats (color and black & white)

• Is it in the ocean? worksheet (color and black & white)

• In the ocean cut and paste worksheet

• Two mini books with two levels each. (Four books total.) These target vocabulary, early prepositions, and the concepts big/small. Students can also follow instructions on how to color the books.

• Big/little cards bombard students with vocabulary while practicing the concepts big and little.

• Same/different cards come in two levels and also bombard students with vocabulary. Level 1 different cards have two different vocabulary items, while level 2 cards have the same item in two colors, making the task more difficult.

• Dot an animal pages (3 different animals) can be used with any articulation or language goal. For low functioning students, this activity is great for requesting "more" for each chance to color.

• Colored ocean scene can be used with the manipulatives by attaching velcro on the picture and the manipulatives. Students can match the same vocabulary items or follow directions on where to attach vocabulary. Or simply use the picture to target receptive and expressive vocabulary.

• Create an ocean activity allows students to follow directions to create their own ocean scenes.

• Ocean vocabulary hunt activity focuses on receptive and expressive vocabulary.

Need the book? Available in English and Spanish.

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