Thanksgiving Grammar Activities for Speech Therapy

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Syntax does not have to be boring in your speech room! Target 7 different grammar goals from pronouns to regular and irregular past tense! Use the open-ended game to increase your students' engagement. What's inside Pronouns - complete the sentence with the correct pronoun Possessives - answer the question with a possessive (or possessive pronoun) Regular Plurals - match the singular and plural forms Irregular Plurals - decide which sentence uses the correct plural form 3rd Person "s" - create your own sentences using 3rd person "s" Regular past tense - finish the sentence with the correct verb ending Irregular past tense - sort correct and incorrect sentences with a sorting mat Thanksgiving Reinforcement Game - use this game with any language target! Be the first to get to the turkeys to win! Looking for more fall/Thanksgiving? Scarecrow Idioms Thanksgiving Language Card Decks There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves Book Companion Follow Talking with Rebecca on Facebook Follow Talking with Rebecca on Instagram

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