Spring Language Comprehension Bilingual Bundle

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SKU: MA-spring-lcbb

Short stories are a great way to engage students while working on receptive language. Short, simple stories in both English and Spanish with wh questions, inferencing and predicting, and more are used to target multiple aspects of story comprehension in this low prep bundle. This bundle SAVES you money (more than 25%) on Spring Language Comprehension! Read stories in English or in Spanish and work on the coordinating questions. If additional support is needed in another language, just find the story or question card in the other language. Included in the deck is an open ended board game, Rain Storm, to use as an incentive with these card decks or for any spring therapy session. What's included: →Deck 1 focuses on answering "wh" questions (quien, qué, cuando, dónde, por qué, and como). There are 5 stories in this deck. →Deck 2 focuses on context clues, yes/no questions, and vocabulary. There are 5 stories in this deck. →Deck 3 focuses on inferencing and predicting. There are 5 stories in this deck. →Rain Storm is a game where players attempt to make it to their waiting friend during a rain storm. Don't get distracted jumping in puddles, though, or you'll take longer to reach your friend. All of this comes entirely in English and in Spanish!

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