Spanish Speech Therapy Smash Mats All Sounds Bundle

Price: $38.24

SKU: MA-spanish-stsmasb

Need a low prep or no prep activity for your Spanish speech therapy groups? Maybe looking for something for a mixed group? Just print and go with these fun smash mats focusing on Spanish articulation. While these smash mats are designed with articulation in mind, they can also be used to teach compare and contrast, attributes, definitions and more! That makes them great for mixed groups as well as your articulation students! The best part is that this bundle will save you 20% on Spanish articulation smash mats for all of the Spanish phonemes available in my store! That's 16 different sets of smash mats, and even more phonemes! What's included: •color and black and white smash mats for initial, *medial, final, **clusters and mixed positions for s, l, r •color and black and white smash mats for initial, medial, final and mixed positions for n, d •color and black and white smash mats for initial, medial and mixed positions for b/v, ch, f, g, j, k, ll, ñ, p and t *medial rr is also included **Spanish does not have true s clusters. Ways to use smash mats •Identify a picture, say the word or use it in a sentence and smash it with play dough •Cover picture with a token •Circle the pictures as you talk about them or find it based on a description •Color the pictures •Write target sound over the picture •Dot each picture •Put a sticker on each picture •Slap each picture •Send home as homework

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