Spanish Speech Therapy Sentence Formation for Grammar and Syntax

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This packet is what you need if you have Spanish-speaking language students on your caseload! Work on articles, subject verb agreement, present progressive, and more in a practical and visual way with this resource. Target multiple grammatical goals to form grammatically correct sentences in Spanish. Using the sentence strips, students can practice articles, subject verb agreement, present tense, and -iendo/-ando endings. Using the parts of a sentence cards, students can create their own sentences regarding stimulus pictures, or pictures of their own creation (just give them a page to draw on). Use these cards to focus on pronouns, different tenses, passive sentences, and/or expanded sentences. Focus on sentence comprehension by creating a sentence and having students match the picture or draw their own picture to match your sentence. Included in this packet are: •Sentence strips •Subject cards •Verb cards •Parts of a Sentence cards •Stimulus Cards **************************************************************** Need more Spanish products? You might like: Spanish Language Card Decks Spanish Language Activities for the SLP Aarrr Associations Spanish Copyright 2016 Rebecca Gnezdova, MS, CCC-SLP Talking with Rebecca Tips: → Leaving feedback earns you points toward FREE resources! I love to hear what you think. → Feel free to share pictures using my resources in your classroom or speech room. Remember to tag me @talkingwithrebecca so I can see! → Be sure to click on the star to be notified when I upload new resources or have a sale. Click here to follow Talking with Rebecca on Facebook Click here to follow Talking with Rebecca on Instagram



Spanish Speech Therapy

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