Spanish Speech Therapy Games and Activities for Antonyms

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No prep and low prep activities and flashcards offer a quick and engaging way to learn about opposites (opuestos) in Spanish speech therapy. Bring a bit of Halloween fun into your speech therapy sessions with this card deck and worksheets to learn opposites! Cute candy corn dress up in costumes on each card along with common antonyms.

Student pages/cards are completely in Spanish! An English version is also available.

This packet contains:

• master list of antonyms

• 72 antonym cards (36 pairs)

• 6 review worksheets

• 2 games for alternate ways to practice antonyms

• antonym dice (in color and black and white)

→The antonym list provides a list of all the antonyms used in the packet. There are 36 antonyms which can be divided into beginner and advanced levels using the worksheets.

→The antonym cards contain one half of the antonym and feature 14 different candy corn characters ready to go trick-or-treating. These are versatile and can be used in conjunction with any Halloween materials or game. Simply have your student provide the opposite of the word written on the card.

→Six review worksheets are provided in the packet. These worksheets are leveled, so there are three level 1 worksheets, and three level 2 worksheets. Cards can be divided into levels if needed to focus on beginning or more advanced opposites.

→The Antonym box game is designed to be played with 2+ players. Each turn, students draw a line connecting two of the candy corn characters. When a student completes the box, they have to provide the opposite for the word in the middle of the box in order to "claim" the box with their initial. If they are unable to but another student can provide the opposite, that student can "steal" the box. The goal is to have the most boxes at the end of the game.

→A Roll-an-opposite game is included, which requires two dice. Students roll the dice to find their word on the chart. They then respond with the opposite of the given word.

→The antonym dice is available in color and black and white. Students can color, cut, fold, and glue the dice. Then, roll the dice and give the antonym.

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