Spanish Speech Therapy Early Sounds CV CVC VCV and CVCV words for Apraxia

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From vowels to syllables and onto words, this is a way to guide Spanish speaking students through early sounds and get them talking. Use these activities and flashcards for articulation and for Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

Best yet, this can be no prep - just print and go with the black and white versions! The colored versions are low prep - just print and laminate!

This packet focuses on the sounds: p, b, t, m, n, k, l, j

What's included:

• vowel die

• syllable dice

• syllable mat

• CVCV mat

• C1V1C1V1 real and nonsense word combination

• C1V1C1V1 real words

• 24 VCV words

• 18 CVC words

• CVCV words - 9 each per target sound (72 cards total)

• 18 CVCVC words

Dice and mats are provided in black and white to conserve color. Add a pop of color by printing on colored paper! All real word flashcards come in color and black and white. Send home the black and white versions as homework!

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