Spanish Speech Therapy Tier 1 Vocabulary Activities for La Granja Farm

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SKU: MA-spanish-stbvalgf

Bring some fun to your room with these engaging activities to learn farm vocabulary in Spanish! Student pages are entirely in Spanish! Use these worksheets, activities, and flashcards to learn farm animals and other farm vocabulary in centers or in therapy, and send home for homework! SAVE over 20% AND receive activities for school personnel by purchasing the growing bundle for basic Spanish vocabulary! What's included: • Flashcards • Cut and Glue • Spin and Smash • Mini Flip Books • Trace and Color/Trace (in color) • Bingo/Loteria ALL activities come in color and black and white! Save ink and get double the activities by modifying the directions! For example: Spin and Smash in color becomes Spin and Color in black and white.

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