Spanish Speech Therapy Articulation P Cards for All Word Positions

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Tired of big company's Spanish articulation decks with words the kids don't know? Have a set of articulation cards that is practically unusable because of how many words you have to skip? This set for Spanish "p" words is just what you need! It features words that the kids are familiar with and friendly graphics for nonreaders. Don't worry about skipping words that don't work for your student - you still have plenty for articulation targets.

Make this no prep - simply print the black and white page you want for the word position you're working on. Have students color the words as they practice their sounds, or send it home as homework!

You could SAVE 15% by purchasing the Spanish Articulation Plosives Bundle which includes 6 phonemes, including this one!

This is a set of articulation cards in Spanish for the /p/ phoneme. There are a total of 81 words. Cards are in Spanish with English translations to aid monolingual SLPs, and feature graphics for non-readers.

This deck includes:
• 45 initial /p/ words in color
• 36 medial /p/ words in color
• All cards also come in black and white

Due to the many cultures that speak Spanish, your students may have a different response than what is indicated on the card.

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