Spanish Speech Therapy Articulation N Cards for All Word Positions

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Tired of big company's Spanish articulation decks with words the kids don't know? Check out this set for Spanish "n" words, which features familiar words for students! No more worrying about not having enough stimuli if you have to skip a word. This is a set of articulation cards in Spanish for the /n/ phoneme. There are a total of 135 cards. Cards are in Spanish with English translations to aid monolingual SLPs, and feature graphics for non-readers. 36 initial /n/ words 54 medial /n/ words 45 final /n/ words Please note: Due to the many cultures that speak Spanish, your students may have a different response than what is indicated on the card. Looking for more Spanish articulation? Dotting Along Spanish Articulation T/D words Spanish Articulation L Spanish Articulation B/V Spanish Articulation D Spanish Articulation J Spanish R Cluster Reduction Activities Save money with a bundle! Spanish Articulation S, L, R Bundle Spanish Articulation Plosives Bundle Spanish S, L, R Smash Mats Dotting Along Articulation Plosives Bundle Copyright 2017 Rebecca Gnezdova, MS, CCC-SLP Follow Talking with Rebecca on Facebook Follow Talking with Rebecca on Instagram

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