Spanish Speech Therapy Articulation F Cards for All Word Positions

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Tired of googling for Spanish articulation words? Have a deck of artic cards that is practically unusable because the kids don't know the vocabulary? This set of Spanish articulation words is for you!

This is a set of articulation cards in Spanish for the /f/ phoneme. There are a total of 63 cards. Cards are in Spanish with English translations to aid monolingual SLPs, and feature graphics for non-readers.

What's included:
• 36 initial /f/ words in color
• 27 medial /f/ words in color
• ALL CARDS also come in black and white

Final /f/ is not included in this packet as very few Spanish words end in /f/.

Please note: Due to the many cultures that speak Spanish, your students may have a different response than what is indicated on the card.

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