Spanish Speech Therapy Articulation Activity with S L and R words

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No time to prep for Spanish articulation groups? Just print and go with this quick, no prep, engaging worksheet activity for Spanish articulation words. Grab some paint daubers, tokens, or crayons, and you have a therapy activity. After naming a word using their "good sound," students can cover/color the picture. This packet includes four worksheets for the following phonemes and word positions: •Initial /s/ •Medial /s/ •Final /s/ •s-“blends“* •Initial /l/ •Medial /l/ •Final /l/ •l-blends •Initial /rr/ •Medial /r/ •Medial /rr/ •Final /r/ •initial r-blends •medial r-blends Two worksheets for each sound in each position focus on 1-2 syllable words, while two more worksheets focus on 3+ syllable words. *Please note: s-blends do not exist in Spanish as the consonants are split between syllables. These words are included for coarticulation practice. Need more Spanish articulation? Dotting Along Spanish Articulation B/V, P Dotting Along Spanish Articulation T, D Dotting Along Spanish Articulation K, G Spanish Articulation S Spanish Articulation L Spanish Articulation R Spanish Articulation D Spanish Articulation F Spanish Articulation B,V Spanish R Cluster Reduction Activities Save money with a bundle! Dotting Along Spanish Articulation Bundle: B/V, P, T, D, K, G Spanish Articulation S, L, R Bundle Spanish Articulation Plosives Bundle Copyright 2016 Rebecca Gnezdova, MS, CCC-SLP Talking with Rebecca Tips: → Leaving feedback earns you points toward FREE resources! I love to hear what you think. → Feel free to share pictures using my resources in your classroom or speech room. Remember to tag me @talkingwithrebecca so I can see! → Be sure to click on the star to be notified when I upload new resources or have a sale. Click here to follow Talking with Rebecca on Facebook Click here to follow Talking with Rebecca on Instagram



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