Spanish Speech Therapy Articulation Activities B V and P words

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Dotting Along Articulacion: B/V, P is a print and go activity for your Spanish articulation students. Just print the page that focuses on your target area, and pull out paint dobbers, tokens, or crayons.

After naming a word using their "good sound," students can cover/color the picture.

This packet includes two sets of two worksheets (for a total of four worksheets) for each sound in each position:
initial b/v
medial b/v
initial p
medial p

One of each worksheet focuses on shorter words while the second focuses on longer words.

One set of worksheets features 10 words in large circles. This is perfect to use with markers to color in over multiple trials to aid in achieving up to 100 trials per session. The second set of worksheets features the same words, but in smaller circles on the page. This allows for 3 sets of the words per worksheet.

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