Spanish Articulation J Cards in All Word Positions for Speech Therapy

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Reluciente? Rebanada? Tired of big company's odd words to work on articulation? Use words students are familiar with to work on articulation in Spanish and don't worry about having to skip a few. These articulation decks offer many stimulus words so you still have speech therapy targets. This is a set of 108 flashcards to target the /x/ phoneme, typically written in Spanish with the letter "j". Half of the cards are in color, and the second half are in black and white! Laminate the colored version for repeated use in therapy and send home the black and white version for carryover outside of the speech room! What's included: 27 initial /j/ cards in color 27 initial /j/ cards in black and white 27 medial /j/ cards in color 27 medial /j/ cards in black and white That's a total of 54 words and 108 cards! Although /j/ does appear in the final position of words in Spanish, it is rare. The most common word your student may know is "reloj" (clock/watch). The other words are uncommon. As such, the final position is not included in this deck. Please note: Due to the many cultures that speak Spanish, your student may have a different response to the stimulus than what is presented on the card…one of the many reasons a large deck is beneficial for your students! Copyright 2016 Rebecca Gnezdova, MS, CCC-SLP Talking with Rebecca

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