Sight Word and Numbers Activity FREEBIE

No prep and engaging, these smash mats are a fast activity in your preschool or Kindergarten classroom! Simply print and go, or laminate to reuse. These mats will keep your students focused on recognizing numbers and sight words! Smash mats are designed to be used with play dough. Roll it into balls or just grab a small amount and smash it over the word/number as students identify them. If you prefer not to use play dough, tokens work to cover each item as well. Additionally, students can color in the circles as they identify the numbers or sight words. What's included: • 1 sight word smash mat • 4 numbers 1-10 smash mats Two smash mats have the numbers 1-10 and 1-5. Two more smash mats have the numbers 1-10 twice with smaller circles. One of each set of numbers has them in order, while the other two have the numbers out of order for different skill levels.

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