Room on the Broom A Speech Language and Literacy Book Companion

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Halloween offers a chance to build an engaging theme that can carry outside of the speech room during the fall months. This Speech and Language companion for the book Room on the Broom easily targets goals for your entire elementary caseload.

This is a book companion for the story Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. The book is not included in this companion, and must be purchased separately.

Target many language and articulation goals when you purchase this 92 page packet!

What's included:

Pre/Post Test

Use these pages to keep track of student growth!

Book Knowledge

Use these cards with any book to foster literacy vocabulary.

Basic Vocabulary

Use these cards to build basic vocabulary from the story.

Receptive Descriptions

Read these description cards for students to guess what vocabulary word you are describing. Expand on the activity by having students create their own descriptions.

Room on the Broom Story Retell

Use the Broom Mat and Character Cards to act out the story!

Wh Story Comprehension Questions

Ask these wh questions to focus on what happened in the story. They can be used either during or after reading the book.

Categorizing Activity

Match the three category members to the category labels. One extra set of cards is provided to create your own category. Discuss how items can change categories, such as in the book (ie. the broom is transportation in the book, but for us it's a cleaning instrument).

Preposition Barrier Game

Give students this scene and have them follow your directions to make a picture using vocabulary from the story.

Antonym Cards

Play a game with antonyms! Don't let your hat blow away as you think up or match antonyms with this game.

Synonym Cards

Collect stars as you practice synonyms from the story. A lot of new/advanced vocabulary is presented in the book, and this is a great way to focus on it!


Do a cat and a hat rhyme? What about hair and back? Make your decisions and think up your own rhymes with this activity! These sets of words come directly from the book.

Multiple Meaning Words Activity

Some of the words encountered in this story have more than one meaning. Match the meanings to the word with this activity.

My Broom Story Brainstorming

After reading Room on the Broom, students can create their own, similar story. Use the Brainstorming chart for group brainstorming, and the worksheet (color and black and white available) for each student to create an outline of their story. Use this as an activity before completing My Broom Story.

My Broom Story

My Broom Story is a short book that follows a similar pattern from Room on the Broom. Students decide who their character is, what they lose, who they meet, and how to fix their broom. Students can either write or draw pictures to complete their book.

This book is modifiable in that several pages can be removed or duplicated in order to create a shorter or longer book. Create a shorter book for younger students, or a longer book to work on sequencing.

Pronouns are also targeted in this book. After students decide their main character, they circle the correct pronoun throughout the story.

Compare and Contrast

Use these two worksheets to compare items from the story. One additional blank worksheet is included to compare any two items you desire.

Reinforcement Game

Fly into the night to find your missing cat! She has wandered off and gotten stuck in a pumpkin! Use the game board and spinner to create a reinforcement game for any activity!

My New Broom Spell Articulation Activity

Focus on articulation skills by filling out this worksheet. Students create their own spell for a new broom after hearing the story. To do so, students must only use words that have their speech sound. Come up with ingredients as well as magic words!

Articulation Hunt

It's an articulation scavenger hunt! Give this worksheet to students while reading Room on the Broom and have students listen for words with their speech sounds.

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