Penguin Preposition Activities

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The Guin family of penguins is back with more fun this winter to teach spatial concepts! Dive into this packet of activities to teach/learn prepositions that meet Common Core Standards for Kindergarden and First Grade. These activities are appropriate for small groups, learning centers, and sometimes homework. Four activities are provided in this 41 page packet, and can be easily modified to additional speech and language targets. (Modification ideas are listed on page 2 of the packet, and variations of the activities are also listed on the first page of their section.) Inside the packet: Activity 1: Guin Prepositional Phrases Twenty two cards missing the prepositions. Fill in the correct preposition to match the provided picture (multiple choice). Activity 2: Guins’ Preposition Photos Help the Guins build their scrapbook! As they played this winter, the Guins took pictures. But now they need your help! Listen to the directions that contain prepositions and create the pictures. (Ten picture directions provided; open ended activity to make own pictures as well.) Activity 3: Guin Preposition Notes The Guins write short notes to each other, but something strange has happened - the prepositions have disappeared! Help the Guins figure out their notes by filling in the missing words. (Thirty eight notes provided, some leveled - additional blank notes provided as well to create own/modify activity for new targets.) Activity 4: Preposition Writing Create your own picture or story about the Guins! Use these sheets with or without the Guin’s Graphics (from Guins’ Preposition Photos) to create pictures and practice prepositions in writing. (Modifiable for story comprehension, writing skills, or any language or articulation goal.) Check out Talking With Rebecca for additional information and previews of this packet. Graphics created by Rebecca Gnezdova. All graphics and content copyright © 2012 Rebecca Gnezdova, MS CCC-SLP. Follow Talking with Rebecca on Facebook Follow Talking with Rebecca on Instagram

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