No Print WH and Yes/No Questions for Speech Therapy

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Perfect for Valentine's Day with heart graphics, this engaging resource is also great year-round with general questions for daily living. Visuals aid non-readers in understanding and answering questions. Reinforcement pages work well for those students who need extra encouragement.

Save your time and save your space with the ultimate in hassle-free therapy! No Print requires no printing, no prepping, no laminating - just open the file on a computer, iPad, or similar device.

Targeted questions include:

15 What questions

10 When questions

10 Where questions

10 Who questions

10 Why questions

10 Yes/no questions

All questions with the exception of "why" have two response options. Why questions have a visual cue regarding the question, but do not provide the answers like the other questions. Download the Preview for an example. All pages have "home" and "next/skip" buttons for easy navigation.

This is a fully interactive, tap-able PDF. It can be used in most PDF viewers, including the default apps on Apple products, or in iBooks. Scroll to the second page, then follow the prompts to click through different WH questions with Valentine themed graphics.

Unfamiliar with the No Print concept? Check out my video tutorial here!

This is NOT intended to be printed, but rather used on an electronic device. You need a PDF viewer to use this document. Email me at if you have any questions.

Never tried a No Print activity before? Check out my Free No Print Prepositions!

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