No Print Spanish Speech Therapy Articulation S in All Word Positions

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Need a highly engaging way to work on articulation drills with your Spanish speaking students? No print is easy for the therapist and highly motivating for students. Turn those boring drills into something students look forward to with this resource. No print is the ultimate in hassle-free therapy! No printing, coloring, laminating, cutting… just open on a computer or iPad and go! Select the word position you wish to target, then click or scroll through the target words. This download is a set of Spanish articulation cards for the 's' phoneme, featuring words students know! Please note this document has the same cards as the printable "Spanish Articulation S words" download. If you prefer physical cards to print instead of a PDF set up for use on a computer, tablet, or phone, look here for the printable download. What's included 27 initial /s/ words 27 medial /s/ words 27 final /s/ words 27 s-blends* For a total of 108 stimulus items! *True s-blends do not exist in Spanish. The /s/ portion of the "blend" finishes one syllable and the rest of the "blend" begins the next syllable. These words are only included for coarticulation practice for those who desire them. Tips: → Leaving feedback earns you points toward FREE resources! I love to hear what you think. → Feel free to share pictures using my resources in your classroom or speech room. Remember to tag me @talkingwithrebecca so I can see! → Be sure to click on the star to be notified when I upload new resources or have a sale.

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