No Print Spanish Speech Therapy Articulation R RR and Blends

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Articulation drills in speech therapy can be highly engaging with resources designed for computers and tablets! Your Spanish-speaking students won't be left behind from the fun with this resource for the Spanish tap and trill r (r fuerte and r suave). No print is the ultimate in hassle-free therapy! No printing, coloring, laminating, cutting… just open on a computer or iPad and go! Select the word position you wish to target, then click or scroll through the target words. This download is a set of Spanish articulation cards for the 'r' phoneme, featuring words students know! Please note this document has the same cards as the printable "Spanish Articulation R words" download. What's included 42 initial r words 29 medial r words 36 final r words 28 medial rr words 28 initial r-blends 29 medial r-blends For a total of 192 stimulus items!

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