No Print Pronouns

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No Print Pronouns by Talking with Rebecca is the ultimate in hassle-free therapy! It requires no printing, no prepping, no laminating - just open the file on a computer, iPad, or similar device.

This download teaches students correct pronoun use. Each stimulus item has a correct and incorrect reinforcement page.

What's included:

he/she/it/they - 20 stimulus items

he/him - 10 stimulus items

she/her - 10 stimulus items

they/them - 10 stimulus items

I/me - 10 stimulus items

we/us - 10 stimulus items

Download the preview to see how the sections are set up! I/me and we/us are not shown in the preview file due to size. Each page features hidden "previous," "next," and "home" buttons for fast navigation of the document.

Unfamiliar with the No Print concept? No Print Let's Learn Prepositions is featured in my video tutorial here!

This is NOT intended to be printed, but rather used on an electronic device. You need a PDF viewer to use this document. This download is also zipped along with a troubleshooting document and an explanation of how to maneuver around the document. You need to be able to unzip the files. Email me at if you have any questions.



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