No Print Prepositions in Spanish for Speech Therapy

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Looking for quick, hassle-free therapy? Want something that is sure to motivate your Spanish-speaking students and be easy for you to prepare? No print means no prepping, no laminating, not even printing - just open the file on a computer, iPad, or similar device! Learn spatial concepts in a way that is sure to keep your students engaged. This download is an expanded version of the No Print Caminando con Prepositions Freebie. It has the same format, so check out the freebie for an expanded preview of the file. If you are unfamiliar with the no print concept or want a closer look at the download, the English version is featured in my tutorial on YouTube or on my Facebook page. To view the preview on TeachersPayTeachers, please download it to your device for it to work correctly. Students are given a visual choice to select the correct preposition on each stimulus page. Their answers take them to either correct or incorrect pages for immediate reinforcement of the answers, yet do not cue them on a computer screen with the cursor. Targeted prepositions include: above under behind between in front of in next to off on Each preposition is targeted on three different pages, for a total of 27 stimulus items. Correct and incorrect reinforcements are included after each stimulus. This is a fully interactive, tap-able PDF. It can be used in most PDF viewers, including the default apps on Apple products, or in iBooks. All pages have "home" and "next/skip" buttons for easy navigation. This is NOT intended to be printed, but rather used on an electronic device. You need a PDF viewer to use this document. Email me at if you have any questions.

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