No Print Minimal Pairs for Final Consonant Deletion for Speech Therapy

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SKU: MA-no-pmpffcdfst

Quickly and easily target the phonological process of Final Consonant Deletion (FCD) with these minimal pairs. Practice each pair over and over until your student gets it right, then click on the word with the final consonant to move to the next pair!

No print is the ultimate in hassle-free therapy! It requires no printing, no prepping, no laminating - just open the file on a computer, iPad, or similar device.

What's included:

  • 98 words to make 49 minimal pairs

Unfamiliar with the No Print concept? No Print Let's Learn Prepositions is featured in my video tutorial here!

This is NOT intended to be printed, but rather used on an electronic device. You need a PDF viewer to use this document.

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