No Prep Expressive Language Spanish Speech Therapy Task Cards volume 2

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This printer-friendly download is a set of task cards to focus on expressive language skills in Spanish. These five card decks come in black and white with minimal artwork. No color ink required! They can also be used as a no prep activity or homework - simply print a page and have the student write the answer in the white space on each card.

What's included:

24 flashcards to target possessives/posesivos

24 flashcards to target functions/funciones

24 flashcards to target categories/categorias

12 flashcards to target each wh question - who, what, when, where, why (total of 60 cards)/quien, que, cuando, donde, por que

24 flashcards to target pronouns/pronombres

Cards do not have visual cues for the questions. Examples of cards are as follows:

possessives: Mamá me compró una camisa. La camisa es ____.

functions: Cuéntame...algo para limpiar el piso

categories: (Siempre hay grupos de tres.) camisa, falda, traje de baño pertenecen al grupo _____.

wh questions: quién tiene una mochila?

Pronouns: Sergei apaga la luz. (Cambia Sergei a un pronombre.)

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