Moo Quack Farm Unit Bundle

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Your farm unit can be highly engaging with the fun interactive book, Moo Quack What Was That and coordinating activities to work on expressive and receptive language. Save more than 15% with this bundle than when buying each item separate! Moo Quack What Was That? Is an interactive language book designed to teach farm animals and their associated sounds. The follow up activities can be used in conjunction with the book or with any farm unit! Use the worksheets in centers, therapy, or send home as homework! Targeted sounds and animals are as follows: chicken-cluck cow-moo duck-quack horse-neigh pig-oink rooster-cockadoodledoo sheep-baa Using repetitive, sing-song wording, this book teaches skills through expectation for specific answers and multiple opportunities to practice the targeted skills. UPDATE October 2017: Two versions of the book are included - the original book and one with pictures to match to book pages. Included Activities: •Animal-Sound Picture Barn •Following Directions/Basic Concepts Barn Picture •Barn Board •Barn Box •Worksheets •Story Props Images come in color as well as black and white for story props and pre-done activities that do not require children to color, to suit your printing needs.

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