La Nieve Interactive Spanish Preschool Book

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This is a very short, basic book designed to teach low functioning children basic winter vocabulary. Recommended use is for birth to three and developmental preschool students. When used in a group circle type environment, it allows SLPs to target turn taking behaviors and one-word/gesture responses. This book is set up be useful with many language targets by following with a building a snowman activity. Separate pictures for this purpose have been included on page 8. Simply print one copy of the page per student, cut out the parts (or have students cut them out), and assemble snowman. Multiple hats and extra coal are provided to further individualize snowmen. Ideas for language targets include: sequencing building a snowman, parts of a snowman (body parts), winter clothes (for a snowman, or what children would wear to build a snowman), concept of cold. Page 9 includes manipulatives to use in a group setting if manipulatives are desired for students while reviewing the book, or for sequencing afterwards. Print the page, cut out the desired items, and use during or after reading the book. One idea is to give each student a snowflake and have them “make” a snowball by bringing the clinician their snowflake. After the clinician has all the snowflakes, “pat” them together and present a snowball picture All graphics and content copyright 2015 Rebecca Gnezdova, MS CCC-SLP. Talking with Rebecca Follow Talking with Rebecca on Facebook Follow Talking with Rebecca on Instagram

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