Jungle Spanish Interactive Vocabulary Book for Speech Therapy

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En la Selva is an interactive book to teach preschoolers and kindergarteners about the rainforest. The focus of this book is on increasing vocabulary, actions, and expanding general knowledge. Included with the book are five activities for follow up after reading the book: Open ended articulation worksheet - color in the dots after correctly producing the desired phoneme. Picture scene and vocabulary pictures - follow directions/use prepositions to add animals to the picture Actions mini book - decide which animal does each action Rainforest vocabulary mini book - complete the sentence with the correct word/picture after reading "En la Selva" Color by action worksheet - color in the animals according to their actions The book is 18 pages and set up for double sided printing if desired. (Single sided can be created as well.) En la Selva comes with three versions of the book: full color, less color, and black and white for those who are unable to print in color. To assemble book, print according to instructions. Laminate and bind, according to instructions. Print, cut and laminate vocabulary cards. Add one half of velcro to vocabulary cards. Place the other half of velcro onto the squares in the book. While reading book, students can match the pictures to the correct page. Copyright 2016 Rebecca Gnezdova, MS, CCC-SLP Talking with Rebecca Looking for the English version? In the Jungle Interactive Vocabulary Book You might also be interested in La Nieve Interactive Preschool Book Tengo uno mascota Preschool Book Yo Puedo Hacer Acciones Interactive Vocabulary Book El tiburon estaba nadando Follow Talking with Rebecca on Facebook Follow Talking with Rebecca on Instagram

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