Halloween Guessing Game for Speech Therapy

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Engage your students and quickly target many receptive and expressive language skills with this low prep resource. Use the included prompt cards for different levels of language support and describe different candy corn characters - perfect for Halloween!

This game is designed for 2 players, but can be modified for more players. Simply print one game board per player and follow the instructions on how to adapt the game for extra players.

Pre-teach describing the characters and practice vocabulary before playing the game. Continue the lesson by filling out a describing sheet after the game (print one per student). Further continuation could be done by creating a story about the candy corn characters, if so desired.

Question cue cards are also included to aid students in creating various types of questions and to aid in answering in complete sentences!

What you will need:

•1 print out of character cards

•1 game board for each player

• tokens/chips/play doh/mini erasers (not included)

This game is designed to teach yes/no questions, descriptors/attributes, and understanding negation in therapy.


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