Fun Frames set 3

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SKU: M-fun-frames-set-3

Liven up your products with some fun frames! This is a set of 106 frames to help your covers pop! They can also be used as labels around your classroom. Set 3 is a fun color scheme of 8 colors. Each color comes in 13 different patterns. Centers of the frames are white. Images are approximately 5 inches by 5 inches and were created at 300 dpi. Files are zipped. Colors in this set are: Gold Green Greenish teal Lime Orange Purple Red Teal Fun frames comes in 13 patterns: Checkers Chevron Polka dots Multi-sized dots Multi-sized lines Lines Glittery stars Hearts Lattice Quatrefoil Stars Solid Honeycomb Interested in more colors? Check out set 1 for dark colors, set 2 for light colors, or the Fun Frames Bundle for 318 frames! Follow Talking with Rebecca on Facebook Follow Talking with Rebecca on Instagram

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