Fall themed same and different activities

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Save yourself time with these no prep and low prep activities to teach same and different to your students in an engaging way. Just print and go or prep once and you're ready for therapy this fall.

Students identify which item is the same or different in each row, match the same pictures, or create their own picture to match or be different from the image. Multiple worksheets allow you to vary how obvious the differences are in the images while working on these skills.

Each worksheet is provided in color and black and white. Print and laminate the color version to use over and over in therapy and send the black and white version home as homework! For no prep, print and go activities, use the black and white versions to be instantly ready for therapy!

If you're interested in the Spanish version of this product, check it out here.

What's included:

•Circle the different image in color

•Color the different image in black and white

•Circle the same image in color

•Color the same image in black and white

•Connect the same in color

•Connect the same in black and white

•Draw the same/different in color

•Draw the same/different in black and white

•Cut and glue to match the same



Fall Speech Therapy

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