Fall and Thanksgiving Idiom Task Cards and Game

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Learning idioms can be fun with this low prep fall themed set of idiom cards. The accompanying game is an easy way to maintain student engagement.

These 54 cards feature idioms that one might hear in the fall and a fun reinforcement game. Answer the question "What does....mean?" on each card, or change it up and have students use the idiom in a conversation.

What's included:

• 54 idiom cards

• Master idiom list/poster

• Open ended scarecrow game

The game includes: instruction page with therapy targets*, game board, set of draw cards, and 4 scarecrow players. To make the players stand up, cut them out of durable paper (cardstock) as well as the provided strips. Cut the dotted lines and fold the strips in half. Press each end of the folded strip through the cuts in the scarecrow pictures.

*counting 1-3, comparatives and superlatives, compare and contrast are built into the game. This game can additionally be used as a reinforcer in therapy that targets additional goals using your own materials.


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Fall Speech Therapy

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