Fairy Tale Pronouns

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Instead of repeating the same words over and over again, we can use pronouns in the place of nouns, or to show ownership of an item. Use this packet to teach pronouns: he, she, they, it
possessive pronouns: his, her, their, its
and object pronouns: him, her, it, them
to children of various ability levels.

Included in this packet are:

Posters to explain each pronoun
A diagram of how to decide which pronoun to use
Smaller posters of what each pronoun means
Pronoun worksheet - write a sentence using the correct pronoun (can be used for subject or object pronouns)
Possessive pronoun activity - match each person to an item (pictured on next page - cut out and laminate before use) and use the correct pronoun to state who has the object (20 object pictures included)
Pronoun stories - designed to be used with the Once Upon a Time Reading Comprehension packet, these are the same 10 stories but with key words taken out. Laminate or photocopy and have students fill in the appropriate pronoun in each blank.

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