Community Helpers Listening for Details Receptive Language

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Community Listening for Details is designed for receptive language with multiple skill levels in mind! Turn it into a story comprehension activity by having the student read the stories instead of the therapist. Start out having students match a sentence to a picture (field of 2), move on to answering questions without a visual cue, and then continue to paragraphs. There are a total of 72 stories, 120 questions, and 45 descriptions in this packet! This download also includes receptive attributes and a search and find activity. Perfect for therapy or centers! Check out the preview to see examples of each level and activity. What's included Single Sentence With Visual Cue (24 stories) Student or therapist reads the sentence and student points to or covers the correct picture. Single Sentence (24 stories) Student or therapist reads the sentence and student answers the questions. Two questions are included per story. Short stories (24 stories) Student or therapist reads the story and student the story and answers the questions. Three questions are included per story. Receptive Attributes (24 descriptions) For an easier activity, lay the picture cards face up on the table. Read the card to the student. They find the picture of the item that was described on the card. For a harder activity, remove the picture cards and have students think of the item themselves. Search and Find (21 sets) Give a search card to the student. Read the description to the student (make sure the item numbers in the bottom left match!) and have them pick the correct item. Students can point, cover with a chip, or color with a dry erase marker. Copyright 2017 Rebecca Gnezdova, MS, CCC-SLP Talking with Rebecca



Language Comprehension

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