Back to School Camera Craftivity

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Start the year off right with this fun camera craft for back to school for your entire caseload! This activity works great for students of any age! Students create their own camera and fill it with selfies about the coming school year. Just print on colored paper and go! Tons of variety is included in this activity with interchangeable pages, complimentary drawing and writing pages, and pre-made body templates students can fill in hair and faces to be themselves! What's included: • Camera template • Camera coloring page For those young students who would rather color or decorate a camera picture instead of cutting and gluing all the parts, a camera page is included • Writing pages Topics include: bio information, summer, school, speech basics, goals, rules, achieving goals/graduating, mindset, and "I can" statements. • Selfie drawing pages Perfect for prewriters, students can draw a selfie that relates to each section (bio, summer, etc.) - fun for older students! Upper elementary through high schoolers can add a custom hashtag to their pictures for each section! • Interchangeable pages Doing this activity in a classroom? Want to have students write specific rules for your speech room? Prefer to talk about students' goals in a different manner? Some options are included! • Finish the selfie - head and hair pictures If there is too much drawing involved, students can use one of these templates to already have a head and body drawn - just add the hair and face! The background is still blank to adjust for the setting on each picture…just cut and paste into the selfie page. • Finish the selfie - head pictures If you only want students to add a face, 6 male and 6 female options are included. Add the face and background, cut and paste into each selfie! There is no "right" way to make these books - simply print the pages you want! Make the books short or long - your choice!



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