Autumn or Fall Expressive Language Activities

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Celebrate the Fall season with this expressive language pack full of fun activities! Print and go options for each activity make this a versatile resource that also expands outside the therapy room for homework. Black and white versions of the activities are great to glue into interactive notebooks!

Interested in this packet in Spanish? Grab it here!

What's included:

•Synonyms activity - match two synonym cards to the correct board (three synonyms per set) 12 sets included

•Pronouns - sort he/she onto a sorting mat or circle the correct pronoun 12 cards

•Multiple Meaning Words - match two meanings to each word 12 words

•Asking questions - create a question to match the response on the card 12 cards

•Answering questions - answer basic questions about the fall...these questions match the answers in the Answering Questions deck. They can be used together or separately. 12 questions

•Compare and Contrast - complete a Venn diagram to compare and contrast two fall related items 5 boards

•Fall Description Bingo - create definitions based on attributes while playing Bingo! 4 boards included



Fall Speech Therapy

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