Animal Sorting Smash Mats for Spanish Speech Therapy

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Categorizing and animal habitats and vocabulary can be engaging with these mats and play dough. Animal Sort Smash Mats is a set of 23 smash mats focusing on animals! Just print, laminate, and grab a tub of play dough!

If you do not have play dough, use dry erase markers to mark the pictures, or cover them with a token.

Each animal habitat has three types of smash mats - one with 10 different animals, one with 5 animals repeated twice for lower functioning students, and one contrasted with animals from another habitat. Two bonus mats are also included with a mix of multiple habitats on one mat! Students can make a spinner with a pencil and a paperclip and spin to find which type of animal to cover! Teach vocabulary, categories, and what doesn't belong!

What's included: 7 different habitats
→Arctic Animals
•Basic Arctic Animals
•Arctic or Farm
→Farm Animals
•Basic Farm Animals
•Farm or Forest
→Forest Animals
•Basic Forest Animals
•Forest or Zoo
→Jungle Animals
•Basic Jungle Animals
•Jungle or Ocean
→Ocean Animals
•Basic Ocean Animals
•Ocean or Pet
→Pet Animals
•Basic Pet Animals
•Pet or Zoo
→Zoo Animals
•Basic Zoo Animals
•Zoo or Arctic
→Spin 'n Smash mixed mat
→Spin 'n Smash mixed mat 2

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